Glock's Stock Sights Aren't Perfect

Glock's stock sights are made of cheap plastics. There are a few drops and falls and next thing you know, you'll have a broken front sight and a missing chip from the sight channel. In this article, we will solve this issue and point you in the right direction with the best aftermarket Glock sights.

Glock Stock Sight

What Makes A Glock Sight Good?

Because Glock pistol sights are all designed similarly, learning what makes excellent pistol sights can help you figure out what makes good Glock sights. One of the most important factors on a sight is the build material. Metal sights are more robust, and sturdy sights are a must-have for a concealed carry or service handgun. You want sights that are easy to see and easy to align. Easy-to-see sights often use a variety of colored alternatives to make them easier to locate and concentrate on.

Ameriglo Sights For Glocks

We choose to carry Ameriglo sights for Glocks because of their high quality and wide range of alternatives. AmeriGlo gives you a distinct edge on and off the range when it comes to shooting.

AmeriGlo Pro i-Dot Glock Sights

The i-Dot Glock sights are a great design for all shooters since they allow for fast and simple vertical sight alignment. It boasts a dot over dot design and an enlarged rear sight with a glare-reducing undercut rear face for enhanced viewing radius.

Ideal for personal defense or concealed carry. AMERIGLO sights for Glock handguns are developed for rapid sight acquisition with a focus on the front sight blade.

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