What are customized Glocks?

Have you ever wondered how those sleek custom Glocks with serrated and vented lightning-cut slides are made? If the looks aren’t enough to impress you then theirs also increased functionality and other features that give an advantage to custom Glocks over their OEM counterparts. Have you ever wanted to throw on a muzzle compensator or a sound-deadening suppressor on your Glock, and didn’t have the knowledge to get it done? Well, you came to the right place where we talk about all of the different components that go into building a custom Glock that will deliver the performance and functionality that you need from it. Custom Glocks are made of aftermarket high-end components from the custom Glock slides, all the way down to the custom Glock frames that come in different forms.

Customized Glock Slides

Most customized Glocks will include a modified slide. This is the upper part of a Glock pistol or handgun that reciprocates back and forth chambering and firing the rounds (bullet) in a continuous manner until the magazine is empty (semi-automatic action). There are many variations of a customized slide, usually most effective custom slides will include vented windows and serrations on the slide that help with ergonomics such as slide manipulation. This enables the handgun user to manipulate and work the slide in an easier manner during the chambering of a round into the barrel of the weapon. Serrations help to grip the slide with the user’s hand and can also aid in correcting any FTF (failure-to-feed) or FTE (failure-to-eject) scenarios, in which a weapon might jam on the user due to a conglomerate of rare reasons. The vented window cuts can help release heat from the Glock after multiple rounds have been fired to cool the barrel down faster than a typical OEM slide. These customizations also help in a weight reduction of the overall Glock handgun, which is very beneficial if the user carries it on a daily basis. Most aftermarket customized Glock slides will also usually come with a match-grade extremely accurate barrel that may be threaded or non-threaded. Threaded barrels are for the use of muzzle devices such as compensators and suppressors (silencers).

Customized Glock Frames

Another trait that can be found in many customized Glocks is modifications made to the frame of the pistol, which is the lower part of the handgun that contains crucial parts such as the trigger. Although many companies and Glock enthusiasts love to customize the frame internals for various purposes, just keeping the OEM Glock internals is also a great approach, when it comes to reliability. We offer customized Glock frames that consist of stipplings for better grip functionality and customized internals from renowned manufacturers such as Shadow Systems and Nomad Defense Co. We also carry Glock OEM frames for factory-like reliability and later our customers can modify them to their liking. Another major trait of a customized Glock frame is the flared magwells that are available in some models, which can aid in faster mag reloads. So now you know all about the important components that go into making a customized Glock pistol. Shop for more highly custom Glock pistols and parts at our store now!

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