The Glock 19X is a very special double-action 9mm handgun taking on a different meaning to the cross-over pistol category, especially since it is Glock’s first-ever true cross-over hybrid pistol. The Gen 5 Glock 19X mixes two of Glock’s most reliable and combat-proven pistols on the market, the Glock 19 and 17. It utilizes the compact size slide of the Glock 19, while also giving a much higher stock round count with the use of the bigger Glock 17 frame. This extra-large frame from the Glock 17 enables the pistol to carry 18+1 with a stock magazine and also includes OEM 17- round magazines that work with the Glock 19X. The more compact Glock 19 frame also allows for easy daily concealed carry. It is also the only Glock that comes in a single coyote finish color by default, with the coyote color being the only option out of factory OEM. The Glock 19X is considered one of the best pistols on the market due to its versatility and ergonomics. 

Barrel & Coating 

The Glock 19X is equipped with an extremely accurate Glock proprietary “GMB” Barrel. The GMB barrel stands for “Glock Markman Barrel”. These barrels have a minor rifled profile on either side of the primary polygonal field impression and a fully enhanced polygonal profile with a right-hand twist. The upper complete slide comes with a special nPVD coating which prevents it from corrosion and resists the elements much greater than other finishes on other Glock slides. 

Custom Glock 19X

One of the best features of any Glock, but especially the tested and proven Glock 19X is its ease of customization for aftermarket parts. The Glock 19X is out of the box ready for users to customize the full slide and other similar parts from the Glock 19 and 17 models. There are various custom slides offered for the Glock 19X which help in dissipating heat and enabling the shooter to use threaded barrels for suppressor/compensator use. We at Black Phoenix Customs carry a wide range of custom Glock 19X pistols fully built out with a multitude of variations perfect for your shooting needs.

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