The Glock 17

Do you need a handgun that actually fits snug around your hands with an excellent full-sized grip that won’t hurt your wrist every time the weapon recoils? If you have ever seen fancy lightning cut slides with extra serrations and ventilated windows around a larger frame Glock, then it was most likely a custom Glock 17. The Glock 17 might just be the perfect weapon for you if you are interested in one of the most renowned handguns that have stood the test of time. An OEM Glock 17 is the choice of many militaries, law enforcement, and civilians around the world for many reasons. The modern-day Glock 17 Gen 5 has gone through five generations to get to the elite levels of dependability and reliability that it has reached with excellent overall accuracy and usability with users all around the world.

The Glock 17 wasn't initially seen as a firearm for concealed carry, but that has changed as holster technology has advanced. The concealed carry of the gun has increased in popularity. The "Wonder Nines" were the nickname of these handguns. There was a lot of skepticism about the 9mm caliber at that time, despite the fact that they had different levels of success.

The majority of these earlier generations of Glock 17 or known as"Wonder Nines" featured metal frames that were either built of steel or an alloy of aluminum and aluminum. The traditional market, which wasn't fully accustomed to the polymer on the Glock 17, gained confidence as a result. Eventually, the Glock 17 took control of the market and rose to become one of the most popular firearms in that category.

The Glock 17 was designed as a duty-style weapon that police officers could carry more easily on their person. The purpose eventually grew to include participation in competitions and general range use. The gun quickly gained a lot of traction among shooters and competitors. Additionally, it is extremely popular among those who simply like to go shooting on the weekends. The OEM Glock 17 is a great weapon that has proven itself over and over again, but just like any other weapon, it can be customized to enhance the ergonomics and overall features it can have that are devoid of a factory-built Glock 17. We will go into more detail on what makes a custom Glock 17 so special, and how it can enhance any shooter’s capabilities mainly due to newer sight technology and machining of the upper and lower parts.

A custom Glock 17 will usually have lightning cuts or ventilated window cuts on the upper slide for faster heat dissipation and reduction of weight, making the handgun feel much lighter than it typically is. Custom Glock 17 also tends to have more serrations on the slide which help the user to have a firmer grip on the weapon during tactical training and other forms of weapon manipulation. A Custom Glock 17 will even have a ported barrel sometimes, which are small holes in the actual barrel itself to offset recoil to reduce muzzle flip and release heat even faster from the barrel. Another major feature in a Custom Glock 17 is the optics cut that is the machining process which enables the custom Glock 17 to use a red-dot sight from companies such as Eotech, Holosun, Trijicon, Ameriglo, Vortex, etc. The use of red-dot sights can be a major advantage when it comes to extremely fast target acquisition without needing to line up the three front sights to get a clear sight picture. Even the actual iron sights may be glow-in-the-dark night sights installed for further modifications. This strategy of utilizing red dots has drastically changed the speed of training and overall has increased the expertise of acquiring targets quickly and accurately while on the move as well for shooters.

The lower frame of a custom Glock 17 can be purchased with stipplings, which offers a unique texture that enables the shooter to grip the weapon much more firmly. A handgun's texture and grip are one of the most important features for a shooter to precisely fire the weapon while keeping fast weapon manipulation and control. In addition to the stippling, there are also other custom modifications such as an aftermarket trigger or extended mag-release, extended mag well, and other smaller features that can be added to the frame which can enhance ergonomics.

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