Glock Complete Upper Kit Package

A Glock complete upper kit consists of many small parts that complete the upper slide of the handgun. There are usually around 34 major components manufactured to complete a Glock upper slide. These Glock complete upper parts kits are interchangeable with many custom aftermarket offerings in the market and also OEM options as well. The interesting thing about building or customizing your favorite Glock is that you can swap out parts as you desire which can affect the performance of your Glock and increase the accuracy of your handgun with the change of a barrel, as simple as that! This applies to all best-selling upper parts kits for the Glock 19,17, 26, and 43.

glock complete upper

Glock Upper Kit Components

The slide is the upper part of a Glock handgun that chambers ammo and retrieves the spent casing after each round is fired. These components will complete your stripped Glock G43, G26, G19, or G17 slide. All of the little internal pieces needed to finish your slide assembly are included in a Glock complete slide kit. The following items are included in this Glock slide parts kit:


Cover Plate


Channel Liner

Striker Spacer Sleeve (not included or required for single-stack/G43)

Spring Cups

Striker Spring


Plunger Spring


Recoil Spring

Types of Glock Complete Upper Kits

All Glocks have various custom complete upper slide kits available in the market. The most common complete upper slides will have basic serrations with iron sights to help with aiming. This is the most basic and fundamental type of Glock complete upper slide kit available, and then an upgraded version will usually have RMR cuts which enable a red dot usage from major manufacturers such as Trijicon, Eotech, and Holosun, Vortex, etc.

glock complete upper

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