Features of a Custom Glock 19X 

The custom Glock 19X is one of the most popular Glocks to come to market, even in OEM form without any major modifications and customizations done to it. Most users of the Glock 19X have learned to love the weapon due to its excellent ergonomics and overall pinpoint accuracy of the weapon, being that it comes with a Glock factory GMB Barrel (Glock Marksman Barrel). The Glock 19X straight out of the box doesn’t seem to be missing much in terms of features and ergonomics, but just like every OEM Glock, they can be improved with specific customizations. We go over what truly makes a customized Glock 19X so special, and why it outperforms its own standard OEM counterpart. 

Weight has always been a great deciding factor for those who conceal and daily carry their Glock 19X. A heavy weapon will generally be more difficult to carry than a lighter weapon, and that includes the handgun itself in addition to the rounds that it carries. The Glock 19X is notoriously known for its high-round count of around 19+1 capacity, which gives it a major advantage over other Glocks in the same category such as the Glock 17 and Glock 19. When looking at a Custom Glock 19X, one of the most important and significant changes made to the weapon lies within the slide itself. 

Custom Glock 19X slides consist of vented windows along the side of the slide which enables the barrel to cool down from rapid fires or continuous firing and of course, significantly decreases the weight of the overall firearm. The Glock 19X already comes with great features such as an enhanced Glock 17 frame from the manufacturer, which helps increase the round count to a 19-round capacity, while also being compatible with an OEM Glock 17-round magazine that holds 17 rounds. The frame on the Glock 19X is one of the best features that is offered by this product, so further improvements can be made to the frame by stippling out the handle. The custom stippling done on a Glock 19X frame enables the user to have a significantly improved grip over the weapon, which will also help in mitigating recoil and improve overall weapon manipulation. 

Since the Glock 19X comes with great OEM Glock night sights from the factory, which is a major plus. The only thing missing to improve this feature is the ability to use red-dot optics for faster target acquisition. The next biggest customization that takes place where the Glock 19X can be improved upon goes right back to the slide in which we offer full RMR optics cuts. The optics-ready cut slides are compatible with Holosun 507C/508T and the renowned Trijicon RMR/SRO optics. Having a red-dot optics-capable weapon is very important in modern times as it can give the shooter an edge during not only competition but self-defense as well. It allows the shooter to acquire the target faster without having to align both front and rear sights for a clean shot, but rather just a simple alignment with the red dot can get the job done. This major advantage is why many different Glock models are in high demand and consumers are looking for optics cut slide modifications and customizations. Check out our store at Black Phoenix Customs for more custom Glock 19X products!  

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